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For the Eyes

Motion picture is the bread, music is the butter. 

ECOWAS: Innovating Country Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

2021 Silver Telly Award Winner 


Goodbye, my love

Chinese web series clips

白色月光(Goodbye, my love) is a Chinese web series released on in 2020 on Youku platform. I was part of the music production team of PMP. Music in the video are composed by me. Video material is from Youtube.

Goodbye Mom

A Crystal Angeles Short Film

It's the morning where a child decides he's had enough of his abusive addicted mother and has enough courage to listen to his grandfather and escape.

Suspense Scene

Scoring exercise for a suspense scene.

The original film was called The Cry Of The Owl


Berlin International Film Scoring Competition Submission

Original video was provided by Berlin International Film Scoring Competition and was written, directed and produced by MAXIM ZHWSTKOV.

What is Love

Art movie composition

This is a art movie music composition practice. Not for commercial use. Video resource from school

Video credit to Carmen Kordas

Flamingos from Fantasia 2000

Animation composition

This is a clip of Disney's Fantasia. I scored the music to express my feeling to the adorable yo yo Flamingo.  


Not for commercial use. Video resource from school

Film Festival Trailer

Trailer Music Composition

Composed this trailer music for the Add A Movie Film Festival hosted by Paracademia Center on Dec. 17, 2017 in New York City.

Season's Walk

Season's Walk

Seasons of life

Seasons of life

It is interesting that this video took me two years to finish mostly due to the wait for the right seasons and tight schedule to shoot great clips.


Great experimental work.

Sound of Silence

Silence of Sound

A collaboration with Liz Mares, a talented multidisciplinary artist and a minimalist. The video is about the sound of silence.

Liz Mares:

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