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Music Tells A Story


Drawn from Stravinsky's renowned adage, "Restriction sets you free," Yu Shi envisions herself as both an interdisciplinary composer and an entrepreneur, ceaselessly embracing diverse challenges, motivations, and creative endeavors throughout her musical journey.

Hailing from China, Yu Shi's piano journey commenced at the tender age of five. She honed her compositional skills under the guidance of luminaries such as Dr. Raymond Lustig and Dr. Conrad Cummings at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City.

Coming of age marked by the convergence and collision of Western and Eastern cultures, Yu's music bears the indelible mark of this enchanting amalgamation. Her repertoire is a tapestry that ranges from crafting innovative compositions for traditional classical instruments to her role as a key member of the pop band Apollo, which she herself founded. Her creative flair extends to composing for film, television, and live performances, all while actively engaging in the business aspects of the music industry.

Following the completion of her Masters of Science in Finance degree in Chicago, Yu Shi's trajectory led her to New York City. After six years in the finance sector, including a stint at Goldman Sachs, she embarked on a new chapter in Los Angeles, determined to chase her aspirations as a composer. Her captivating compositions have graced short and feature films, television, web series, and live concerts. Notably, her concert pieces have resonated across borders, captivating audiences both in the United States and around the world.

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