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Music Tells A Story


Inspired by Stravinsky 's famous quote - 'Restriction sets you free', Yu Shi, who sees herself as an interdisciplinary composer and an entrepreneur, has been seeking various challenges, motivations and creativities throughout her music life.

Born in China, Yu Shi has been playing piano since the age of five, and studied Composition under Dr. Raymond Lustig and Dr. Conrad Cummings at the Juilliard School in New York City.

Growing up in China at a time when Western and Eastern cultures both embraced and collided with each other, Yu’s music is deeply influenced by the magic of both. Her versatile experience ranges from composing new works for traditional classical instrumentation to playing in the pop band Apollo which she formed, and composing for films, TV and concerts to working on the business side in music groups.

Yu moved to New York City after she earned her Masters of Science in Finance degree in Chicago.  After working in the finance industry for 6 years, she left Goldman Sachs and moved to Los Angeles to continue to pursue her dreams as a composer. She has composed music for short and features films, TV and web series, and concerts. Her concert music has been performed in the US and internationally. 

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