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For the Ears

Composing is like walking on the edge of water. It is such an amazing experience to challenge myself and seek the hidden kingdom.

Music is the language that everyone speaks. I am pulling the puzzle together and making the music of the world.


LIGO's Ear

My next project of Music of Lines , gues

Music of Line series No. 2

A flute and guitar duo of my Music of Line series.


The piece was inspired by the first-ever detected gravitational waves of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), a large-scale physics experiment and observatory to detect cosmic gravitational waves and to develop gravitational-wave observations as an astronomical tool.

In the above graph, the red and blue lines are the reflections of two gravitational waves detected by LIGO at the moment of a merger of two black holes. They are also the guidelines for guitar and violin. The background is a piano keymap. 


As of March 2018, LIGO has made six detections of gravitational waves, of which the first five were colliding black-hole pairs. The sixth detected event was the first detection of a collision of two neutron stars, which simultaneously produced optical signals detectable by conventional telescopes.

The universe is such an amazing mysterious space that there are tons of things happening without being noticed. Music is my tool to inspire more and more curious souls to explore our lovely world, to express feeling and to bring awareness to the people.

For more information about LIGO, please visit


Crypto Waves

Music of lines.jpg

The Beauty of Bitcoin Price

Crypto Waves, based on the idea of the trend line of bitcoin daily price change from July 1st to Dec. 25th in 2017 was composed to reflect the craziness and unpredictable crypto market volatility.   

Worked in investment banking field for years, I am deeply interested in the unpredictable financial market. Music as a universal language, is a great tool to tell a story and to present the interesting events in the finance world from a unique perspective. 



The Stars

An art song for the forgotten



       Federico García Lorca

      (1898 - 1936)

        And the poor stars,

      Those that have no light,

        are abandoned on a blurry blue.

        What pain, what suffering!




Intensive tango

This piece is inspired by tango dance. Tango couples not only create seamless emotional attachment with each other, but they also bring intense power and strength to each other; like two sides of a magnet.


My attempts to capture the intensity that is felt between two tango dancers. The title – Intango - is a portmanteau for the words “tango” and “intense.” 


Huaka'i Maui (Maui Trip)

Aloha from Hawaii #morningbeachwalk

Melodies For Life

Maui Trip was written during a family trip I took to Hawaii in November 2016.


The trip was short and sweet and happened right after I quit my corporate job in investment banking to pursue my passion of being a composer.

The vacation was nourishing, comforting and most importantly, creatively stimulating. I returned to New York with a wealth of musical ideas that I explored in this piece.


Wappapello Lake

Summer on #wappapellolake

Music over the water

Wappapello Lake was written in the summer of 2017. The piece was inspired by a kayaking trip in lake Wappapello in Missouri. Three racing boats created constant contra waves on the lake surface bringing extra fun and surprising experience. The dynamic rhythm in the piece presents the colorful emotion and unstable motion of the kayak.


Asian Forest Rain (雨打芭蕉)

Jelly fish on the sky.jpg

Music From The World

Watching the rain dripping and dancing above crystal clear green tropical plants leaves is just as relaxing as listening to this piece with a grateful heart.

Nature teaches us to embrace life and enjoy the moment. The bell like sound in the music is the expression of my deep love to my hometown and also delivered the oriental romance in a light way.


Dream Circus


Exquisite Harmonies

Dream Circus is one of her experimental work based on a psychedelic dream I had back in 2015.

Jumping clowns up and down in colorful costumes. They are magicians, musicians, comedians and pessimistic bird catchers. Showy music looping in the back, sparkles flying above my head... That’s neither the beginning nor the end...


Flowing Memory (流忆)


At the year of 16

Memory is the moonlight by the sea. It is invisible but always there in your mind.

Years ago, I composed my very first piece after experiencing an emotional departure of my close friends. The strong feeling and memory was like a lonely eagle, circling around in the sky but never leaving. This piece brought back to my compliment and encouragement from friends and family. Since then I realized the best way and the only way to fully express my feeling was music. That's the turning to the beginning of my new life as a composer.

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