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For the Ears

Creating music is akin to navigating the delicate boundary between water and land. It's an exhilarating journey of pushing my limits, delving into uncharted territories, and unveiling concealed realms of creativity.

Music, as a universal dialect, bridges the gaps between individuals. I'm the weaver of the world's melodies, piecing together fragments of the grand puzzle to craft the symphony of our existence.

LIGO's Ear

My next project of Music of Lines , gues

Music of Line Series No. 2

A Flute and Guitar Duo from my Music of Line Series

This composition emerged as a response to the groundbreaking discovery of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). LIGO stands as both a grand physics experiment and a celestial observatory, designed not only to capture cosmic gravitational waves but also to revolutionize gravitational-wave observations as an astronomical tool.

In the graphical representation above, the red and blue lines correspond to the echoes of two gravitational waves detected by LIGO during the merger of two black holes. These lines also serve as the guiding notes for the guitar and flute within the composition. The backdrop features a piano keymap, contributing to the intricate symphony.

As of March 2018, LIGO has heralded six distinct gravitational wave detections, with the first five involving collisions between black hole pairs. The sixth event marked a significant milestone: the detection of a collision between two neutron stars, accompanied by optical signals perceptible to conventional telescopes.

The cosmos presents an enthralling enigma, bustling with myriad occurrences that often elude our awareness. Music, my chosen medium, becomes a catalyst to beckon inquisitive souls to unravel the mysteries of our enchanting world, to channel emotions, and to ignite consciousness among people.

For more insights on LIGO, kindly explore the details available at

Crypto Waves

Music of lines.jpg

Music of Lines Series NO. 1

A String Quartet from My Music of Line Series

Derived from the concept of tracing Bitcoin's daily price fluctuations between July 1st and December 25th, 2017, "Crypto Waves" was crafted to embody the frenzy and erratic volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market.

Having immersed myself in the investment banking realm for years, my fascination with the capricious nature of the financial market runs deep. Music, a universal language, serves as an invaluable conduit for narrating stories and unveiling intriguing financial events from an unorthodox vantage point.


The Stars

Resonance of the Unremembered: An Art Song for the Forgotten




       Federico García Lorca

      (1898 - 1936)


        And the poor stars,

      Those that have no light,

        are abandoned on a blurry blue.

        What pain, what suffering!



Intensive Tango

Within this composition, the very essence of tango dance finds its poetic resonance. Tango partners become more than just dancers; they weave an intricate tapestry of emotions that binds them in an unbreakable embrace, akin to the magnetic pull of opposite poles.

My aspiration was to encapsulate the fiery intensity that ignites between tango dancers. Thus, "Intango" emerged, a name that fuses "tango" and "intense" in a romantic duet. It mirrors the fervent connection they share and the compelling force that draws them together, much like a spellbinding dance of hearts.


Huaka'i Maui (Maui Trip)

Aloha from Hawaii #morningbeachwalk

Harmonies of Existence

Maui Trip: A Musical Reflection of My Hawaiian Journey

"Maui Serenade" was birthed from a captivating family escapade to Hawaii in November 2016. This soul-refreshing trip unfolded in the wake of my departure from the world of corporate investment banking, marking my bold pursuit of a passion deeply ingrained within me – composition.


In the embrace of Hawaii's tranquil beauty, this brief yet enriching vacation served as a nurturing cocoon. It cocooned me in comfort and inspiration, reinvigorating my creative spirit. "Maui Serenade" became the vessel through which the harmonious melodies of the islands found their way into my composition, ultimately enriching the musical tapestry I weave in New York.


Wappapello Lake

Summer on #wappapellolake

Melodies Across the Waters

Wappapello Lake: Echoes of a Missouri Kayaking Odyssey

"Wappapello Lake" came to life during the vibrant summer of 2017. This composition was born from the enchantment I found while embarking on a kayaking expedition across the expanse of Wappapello Lake in Missouri. As three racing boats carved through the waters, they wove a symphony of contra waves that added a playful and unforeseen dimension to the adventure.

In the heart of this piece, a dynamic rhythm blooms, mirroring the kaleidoscope of emotions and the ever-shifting movements of the kayak itself. "Wappapello lake" is an auditory canvas painted with the exhilarating spirit of exploration and the untamed dance of water beneath the paddle.

Asian Forest Rain (雨打芭蕉)

Jelly fish on the sky.jpg

Harmonies Across Continents

Observing raindrops gracefully pirouette upon the vibrant emerald leaves of tropical plants offers serenity as soothing as the melodies within this composition. With a heart brimming with gratitude, listening to this piece mirrors the tranquil solace of such moments.

In the arms of nature, we learn the art of embracing life's beauty and relishing every instant. The bell-like notes woven into the music not only encapsulate my profound affection for my hometown but also tenderly convey an essence of oriental romance, bestowed upon the senses with a gentle touch.


Dream Circus


Exquisite Harmonies

"Dream Circus" stands as an imaginative pinnacle among her experimental creations, rooted in a psychedelic reverie that graced my sleep in the year 2015.

Vividly, I recall clowns bounding in colorful attire, leaping through the air with playful exuberance. These enigmatic figures are equal parts magicians, musicians, comedians, and even disillusioned bird catchers. Amidst this spectacle, vibrant melodies resound in an enchanting loop, while glistening sparkles dance overhead. This is no mere beginning or finale; it is an ethereal continuum that defies such boundaries, a symphony woven from the fabric of dreams.


Flowing Memory (流忆)


At the Year of 16

Years gone by, a composition birthed itself from the crucible of a heartfelt departure, when dear friends ventured onto separate paths. The emotions stirred during that time, akin to a solitary eagle tracing arcs in the vast sky, left an indelible imprint on my soul. The piece not only evoked the warmth of camaraderie but also echoed with the praises and support bestowed upon it by cherished friends and family.

With this poignant realization, a newfound avenue unfurled before me. Music became my medium to wholeheartedly convey sentiments that words could scarcely capture. This marked the genesis of my voyage as a composer, a transformation that charted a course back to my truest self.

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